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Application fields

    • Coil-coating:

      Orgasol® improves the abrasion and scratch resistance, besides a good outdoor resistance, texturised finish according to the added percentage –commonly between 3 and 5%-, lubricant effect and easy cleaning.
      It is suitable for both polyurethane and polyester systems.
      Exemples of this application are blind rollers, metallic roofs, garage doors.

    • Can coating:
      In a thin layer as the one of the coatings for cans and metallic packaging –about 12 μm – for both inside and outside coating, Orgasol® improves the abrasion and scratch resistance, brings flexibility and a better processability due to its low fiction coefficient.
      Orgasol® is easily dispersed in several systems as epoxi, phenolics, acrylics and polyester, both water and solvent based, as for curable formulations UV/EB 100% solids.
      Orgasol® has obteined the FDA 177-1500 and 175-300 norms.
    • Powder metallurgy:
      As both binder and solid lubricant for metal injection moulding – MIM-, it allows a better processability and improves the performance of the goods.
    • Composites:
      Orgasol® reduces the delamination issue for composite systems made of carbon fiber / epoxi resin.
    • Inks, paints and varnishes:
      Orgasol® can improve the abrasion and scratch resistance, having a low impact on the viscosity of the final coating, increasing the flexibility and impact resistance, better lubrification, control of the gloss.
      The percentage commonly used goes between 1 to 10%.
      For a textured finish, it brings a smooth and pleasant look with a soft touch.
    • Transfer paper:
      Orgasol® improves the printing quality, transfer easiness, allows a better impregnation of the substrate and brings more resistance to wash and wear.
    • Flooring:
      It is suitable for coatings for both wood floors – polyurethane resines, epoxi, acrylic- and PVC –polyurethane resines-, and for syntetic floors –polyurethane, epoxi- and UV curing formulations.
      Orgasol® improves the abrasion and scratch resistance, with either satin or matting finish, or texturised.
      It clearly improves the durability with a pleasant and warm finish.


Orgasol® range


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